Kasos, an exceptional island hidden in the Aegean Sea. An island for true Greece-lovers. An island that you must visit.

Kasos – Greece seen from the sky

Minister of Tourism visits Kasos

The Deputy Minister of Tourism Konsolas visited Kasos last weekend. A worthy visit: June 7, the Kasiots commemorated the Holocaust. The Deputy Minister has many friends on Kasos and has often attended the commemoration. "Kasos is worth a visit," said the Deputy Minister.



Welcome to Kasos island !


Current events: Mitsotakis visits Kasos

On December 27, 2019, Prime Minister Mitsotakis visited the island of Kasos. Reason: the provocations of the Turks. The prime minister indicated that when a conflict is sought it will not go unanswered. Kasos is a strategic island.


Holocaust commemoration on Kasos

Today is June 7, 2020. The inhabitants of Kasos commemorate the Holocaust of 1824. On this day in 1824, almost the entire population of the island was murdered. The Secretary of State for Tourism came to the island to attend the commemoration. The Hellenic Navy sent a ship, and residents organized services.


The island

Are you interested in the authentic Greece? Do you want to indulge your love for pristine islands, and do you love places where it seems like time has stood still? Then Kasos is your place to be.



What to do on Kasos?

Although the island seems small, there is plenty to do. You can cycle, walk, climb and follow workshops. Kasos is a great destination for a week or two of total relaxation if you like both peace and activity.


Accommodations and restaurants

Enjoy delicious little dolmadakias at restaurant Milos or the fresh shrimps at Emborios Taverne. Stay with Angelica in an authentic Kasiot house or with Manousos in his fresh apartment complex. If you stay for a week, you have seen all the restaurants and you will have become a regular guest everywhere.


History and inhabitants

The history of Kasos can be titled as heroic. In any case, it is a miracle that there are still inhabitants: almost all inhabitants of the island were murdered on June 7, 1824. 7.000 inhabitants lost their lives. Needless to say, the current inhabitants are proud of their island.



Visit Kasos

For me, Kasos is the end point in the search for the authentic Greece. Together with my girlfriend Jolanda I have visited Greece every year since 2006. In 2017 I have run the Athens Marathon, which was a personal highlight for me. In 2018 I visited Kasos for the first time and this place struck me right in the heart: few tourists, unpretentious accommodations and taverns where the locals embrace you as if you are a resident of the island. And not because you put money in the drawer, but because they think it is so special that you have taken the time and effort in order to visit their hometown. They barely speak English and there is no tourist industry. The island is a so-called ‘rough diamond’: hot, pristine and above all: 100% Greek.

Everyone has their own story

In 2006 we started on Corfu; the gateway to Greece. After two wonderful weeks in Nisaki (Corfu) we started to discover more places in Greece: Peloponnese, Tinos, Andros, Thassos, Limnos (what a change: desert, nice capital and delicious chicken), Milos, Folegandros, Sifnos, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kefalonia, Santorini, Crete, Thessaloniki (lovely city!), Kalamata, Kavala, Pindos, Ritini, Meteora and Kasos.

All islands have something unique, and they will all leave you with an amazing feeling. The moment you get off the plane, you will smell the typical Greek scents, you will feel the warm sun burning on your skin, and you cannot wait to visit your favorite dining place where the staff will instantly recognize you. I've had this feeling in Corfu, Crete and Thessaloniki but the feeling remains strongest in Kasos. The reaction of the inhabitants of Kasos upon your arrival is priceless. In 2018 we visited Kasos for three days (from Karpathos) and we feasted on bougatsa at the go-to bakery in Fry. In 2019 we took the boat in Sitia (Crete) to Kasos and when we got off the baker's wife recognized us. She hesitated to say something to us, because she could not speak English. But only by the twinkle in her eye you could notice that she recognized us. In September 2019 I flew to Rhodes via Munich to take the flight to Rhodes-Karpathos-Kasos (unforgettable). I was welcomed as their son and I participated in the Greek party Timios Stravos. We listened to beautiful local music with a lot of good food and white wine. It was breath-taking. Imagine that all the inhabitants of the island go to one party and all the villages are quiet. One big happy family.

Keep it the way it is!

During one of my visits to Kasos it became clear to me what the struggle of Kasos is. The tourist season lasts only six weeks. During this period, the emigrated Greeks return to their island and they have to earn what is needed for the rest of the year. Of course, this is almost impossible to achieve. One of the entrepreneurs sighed: "If we could only get 200 extra tourists every year, we would already get close to what is needed". I have not forgotten that. I would find it a shame if Kasos remains unknown to the Dutch! At the same time, the island is not for people who expect a lot of entertainment. Like the island itself, you are largely dependent on yourself, which makes it, by my means, also so pleasant. It is not an island with endless boulevards, many options and lots of other tourists. It is an island with a few restaurants, a few beaches and a few accommodations. You really travel back to the time when there were no smartphones, no abundant choices and no distractions.

Final words

It is evident from the reactions of the Greeks in the Netherlands that Kasos is unknown. As everyone knows, many Greeks live in Utrecht. When I tell them about Kasos they ask: you mean Thassos? "No, Kasos!", is my reaction. "Where's that at? I've never heard of it," is the usual response. "Between Crete and Karpathos." The island is so unknown. Visit the island once and take a piece of Kasos home with you.

Bob Vermaak

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